Teens For Cash – Barbie Cummings

Barbie Cummings Gets Her Down PaymentWho said retirement had to be boring?   These two old farts are getting more ass now than they did when they were younger.  Sure…its a little pathetic that they have to pay the girls, but they are getting fucked and thats all that matters.  Thank god for viagra or these to grandpas wouldn’t be able to keep up.  In this latest installment of Teens For Cash, the geezers saw Barbie Cummings admiring a car at the dealership that she can’t afford.  Barbie Cummings is a tall blonde with huge boobs, legs that seem to on forever…she kind of looks like Heather Locklear.  The guys offer her some cash and the rest is history.  Barbie goes back to their place to give them exactly what they wanted…tight teen pussy!  Barbie Cummings deserves every penny for fucking those old guys.  Check out the gallery below to see Barbie in action.  Get your stroke on to Teens For Cash and over 30 bonus reality sites!CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE PHOTOS OF BARBIE CUMMINGS FUCKING!