In The VIP – Courtney

Hot Chicks Partying In The VIP RoomThe latest party featured In The VIP has a shit load of hot chicks that start taking off their clothes as soon as the drinks start flowing.  I tried counting how many got out of the stretch limo that pulled up to the club, but I lost count… They must have been piled high in that limo!  This is one party that is crazy from beginning to end.  You can’t go wrong with the 62 minute video that is filled with hot chicks grinding on the dance floor, licking each other, getting naked, and so much more.  Josh was keeping his eye out for the girls that acted the sluttiest on the dance floor.  He found two at the end of the night that were craving cock and pussy!  The two bitches he brought back with him are hot as fuck and love threesomes.  No one gets left out of this trio!  You have to check out the gallery below to get a sneak peek of all the slutty chicks partying it up In The VIP!CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE PHOTOS OF THE LATEST PARTY IN THE VIP!