Ex-girlfriend Halie’s First Sex Tape

A girl never learns…  In this latest submission to Real Ex-Girlfriend a guy videotapes his girlfriend in the kitchen while she makes herself some lunch.  I gotta say that this is one lucky dude to be able to tap that ass on a daily basis.  He says he let her go because she had an attitude problem, but I”m guessing he got his ass dumped.  His ex, Halie, has amazing natural D-cups.  I haven’t seen real tits like this in a while.  I’m not crazy about the tattoos all over her body, but her face, tits, and ass make up for it.  I think its funny that she makes a remark about how she isn’t going to cook anymore if this is going to happen every time she does.  She make a freakin’ peanut butter and jelly sandwich!  WTF…cooking?  Anyway.. This hot ex sucks cock and gets her pussy pounded in the kitchen.  Then the action moves to the bedroom where she gets a load of cum shot all over her perfect D-cups.