Danielle FTV and Three Carrots

Danielle FTV is a voluptuous beauty with long strawberry blond hair, big blue eyes, milky white skin, phenomenal rack, and smooth pussy.  In this update Danielle gets naughty in the kitchen with some carrots…  So festive.  Danielle wears a baby t-shirt, blue polka dot bra, and blue lace panties.  Danielle strips out of the little clothes she has on fairly quickly.  She is a fun girl that loves the camera and it loves her too.  Danielle starts off with one carrot in her juicy pussy, but its not enough.  She goes for two and the juices really start flowing.  Danielle loves every second of it.  She doesn’t stop at two carrots…  Danielle gets three carrots inside her.  Its weird… yet hot.  If you are into food fetish, this is the update for you.  Enjoy.