Cum For Cover – Mary

Mary Takes On Four Hard Cocks!OK, I know what you may be thinking about the slut featured in this week’s update of Cum For Cover.  She really isn’t much to look at…  From the neck up Mary, in my opinion, isn’t that attractive, but the neck down is a whole other story.  Mary has a great figure, tanned skin, completely shaved pussy, and a mouth that was made for marathon blowjobs.  Mary’s mouth can handle any number of hard cocks at a time.  In this update she takes on four!  Every guy gets enough attention to blow their load all over her face.  The camera doesn’t miss a thing.  The video is filled with awesome angles and extreme close ups.  If you are into watching chicks giving nut busting bjs, Cum For Cover is definitely the site for you!  It really is too good to pass up.  Even if you are just a tad curious how Mary satisfies four rock hard cocks, you should check out the gallery below.  Get your stroke on to Mary getting a EXTREME facial now!!CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE PHOTOS OF MARY IN ACTION!