Couples Seduce Teens – Naudia

Naudia Gives A Lap Dance
Naudia is the sexy young teen being seduced in the latest episode of Couples Seduce Teens.  Naudia thought she was being payed just to fuck an older man and be videotaped at the same time.  Naudia had always been an exhibitionist so an extra guy watching her fuck really turned her on.  As she was giving him a lap dance, his wife stormed in yelling!
Naudia Gets Caught Fucking A Married Man
The pretends to be shocked that his wife came home, but they planned the whole thing.  They didn’t think Naudia would be into fucking the both of them unless she was seduced by them…  The wife made Naudia feel guilty for being such a slut and came up with a way to make the situation much better!   Naudia would have to fuck the both of them.  At first, Naudia was a little hesitant.  As soon as she felt his hard cock in her pussy she was begging for more.
Naudia Gets Fucked
The guy’s wife is a total MILF and looks great getting her pussy eaten out by the young and juicy Naudia.  Naudia does it all for this couple!  The wife even holds Naudia’s hair back as she sucks down her husbands cum!  You definitely don’t want to miss this episode.  It is a must see for all your “teenie lovers” out there.  I had to get my stroke on watching the video.  Couples Seduce Teens is just one of the 25 reality sites that you get access to with your Discount Reality Sites Pass.  New episodes are added every day!