Couples Seduce Teens – Kara Mynor

Kara Gets Seduced
Kara Mynor gets seduced by an older couple that is deep within the swinging lifestyle. They were tired of always swinging with other married couples.  When the people of Couple Seduce Teens approached them about a project they wanted to do, this sexy couple jumped at it.  All they would have to do is seduce a teen and get her to fuck them on camera.  They were excited by just the idea of it.  They found Kara..a hot young teen, at a club she shouldn’t have been at.  It was too dangerous for a teenager to be hanging out at a swingers club at 1am.  Someone might take advantage of her…
Kara Gets Eaten Out
For Kara’s safety, the couple brought her back to their place and thats when the seduction began.  They were all watching a movie when the hot older woman started rubbing Kara’s thigh and then touched her panties.  They were already wet!  So, she started to kiss her.  One thing led to another and the three of them were naked and fooling around.  Kara’s pussy must taste real sweet because they both couldn’t get enough of licking it!
Kara Gets Fucked
There were no rules in this threesome.  Kara gets fucked hard from behind.  Her tight teen pussy must feel real nice.  Kara goes fuckin crazy as she gets fucked by this older man.  She has never been with someone that knew had to fuck her right.  Don’t miss Kara get a load shot all over her face and the older slut lick it off.  Its fucking great!